Elegant Creature

Elephants are many different species…African Savanna, African Forest, Indian, Asian, & Sumatran, ALL can be classified as “Majestic Creatures!” Evolved from the Gomphotherium 23 to 5.3 million years ago to the Woolly Mammoth, 2.6 to 11,700 years ago, todays elephants live in family herds and are led by the matriarch, usually the oldest female with units from 3 to 25 elephants. A humanistic trait, when elephants meet they often use their trunks to touch each others face or intertwine trunks, similar to a human “handshake.” Majestic Creature is a 9 X 10″ watercolor for the September 3rd, 2021 gallery show: “Species”…of the Minds of Sanderson & Conrad.
Stay tuned, more work to come!

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