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Dan ConradMy earliest recollection of an interest in art was early childhood while visiting my father where he worked. Sitting at his desk, there was always scrap paper, pencils, and something to draw. By around age 10, paint by numbers was a favorite past time. At age 12, my first authentic oil painting was of a white cat and her two kittens which was given to my grandmother. After her death, the original painting was returned to me and is still in my possession.

After completing 4 years of art in high school, there was an opportunity for me to enroll in advanced art classes, however, the United States Army had a different plan and said “I Want You!” During free time in the Army, my drawings of army buddy’s caricatures made for interesting conversation…some of these sketches made it home to my then fiancé now wife, Joanne.

For the next 36 years there was little opportunity for me to pick up a paint brush! Then, after moving to the Sandhills in 2006, with some “gentle prodding” by Joanne, we made a trip to a local art & craft store, purchasing some sketch pads, colored pencils along with Sharpie permanent markers. With continued encouragement from Joanne, my family and friends, my artwork advanced to watercolor painting, several of which were on display at a local art gallery, while other pieces found their way to friends and family.

Wanting to take the next logical progression to oil painting, I began taking lessons from Frank Pierce, a well-known artist and owner of Eye Candy Gallery in Southern Pines, NC. This is where Visions by Conrad … thought provoking art was born!

Dan Conrad
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